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We are the team of experienced bug hunters who can detect even the most feeble errors during manual or automation testing.

It’s not just about quality. It’s about delivering our clients bug-free and ROI-effective solutions that will capture end-users’ hearts.

To address all your needs and objectives, we offer a complete set of accurate testing services:

Software quality consulting

Various testing types

Test planning and execution

Testing docs development

Test management

Integrated end-to-end development process

Our Strengths

  • No unbalanced loading and over-staffing.
  • No additional expenses on infrastructure building and maintenance.
  • No impact on the testing process from the development team.
  • A remote team of skilled QA specialists or single on-demand testers.
  • A full range of software testing services at one place.
  • An accurate toolset for the most diverse tasks and requests.
  • Testing only on real devices and across various platforms.
  • Effective workflow management and various collaboration tools.
  • Comprehensive and timely reporting on testing processes.

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Facts sheet

Fully dedicated to providing QA services, we are set out to satisfy your
expectations, as well as address key priorities and concerns.

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Our clients worldwide

  • 3%  Canada
  • 30%  USA
  • 3%  UK
  • 8%  Germany
  • 16%  Ukraine
  • 7%  Israel
  • 26%  Russia
  • 3%  Singapore
  • 4%  Australia