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Who we are?

HireTester is a professional team of top-tier QA specialists.

Participating in numerous projects, we have gained a wide-ranging experience in manual, automated testing and are no slouch when it comes to catching even the most elusive bugs. Our crew will help you to launch a bug-free solution, meeting the most stringent quality standards. Get on aboard!


What We Do

Manual testing
Ideal for real-life appliance checking of web, desktop and mobile applications. We use ad-hoc methodologies, structured processes and time-tested practices to elevate your customers experience, while maintaining the high-level software quality.
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Your web or desktop application is frequently updated, has wide functionality and requires continuous manual checks? Get faster releases and greater testing coverage without sacrificing quality with test automation.
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Our engineer will help to create an ideal environment for rapid and reliable software building, testing and launch. Early bugs detection and quick correction for timely and cost-effective product release to the market are the key benefits you get.
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An in-depth security assessment that will help to detect your software vulnerabilities and associated risks. We will test your solutions, detect the most critical security flaws and soft spots to protect it against threats on all devices and platforms.
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