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A data-driven service that helps owners to manage rental properties listings on different platforms. It develops a pricing strategy based on various factors, such as user's desirable income, nearby listings, comparable listings, season, etc., and automatically updates information on the website.
The customer contacted our team with a task to conduct functional testing of the application that provides interaction between the post popular rental platforms (Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway). Initially, it was necessary to run a regression testing of fixed bugs. Later on, some new tasks for annual testing after updates and new features adding were also assigned to our QA engineers.
The main challenge was to test data synchronization between different systems and the correct work of the applications across the most popular browsers.
To set the whole process smooth and running, our QA engineers closely studied the application and run a thorough check of the fixed tasks, using Asana for reporting and effective interaction with the development team.
An in-depth application study and continuous feedback from the customer’s team allowed to perform the quality check of data synchronization between different systems as well as conduct a trouble-free testing of following releases. Right after the update, customer received reports about new bugs that were detected on different devices and in various environments. For unstable environments our team provided detailed videos.


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