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Manual Testing is the type of testing in which a tester executes test cases manually on the part of an end user.

We offer different types of testing

HireTester team performs manual functional and non-functional testing of any mobile applications, desktop software, and web solutions, using various tools and real devices.


We offer testing of separate functional blocks of an application as well as complex testing of a whole product.

Manual Testing Procedure

Gathering requirements

At this stage, we gather specifications, instructions or any other documentation where both functional and non-functional requirements to the application are described. Providing these dosc you speed up the testing process. In case you don’t have any materials to share, just give us a link to the product and we’ll work only with it.

Requirements analysis

Once the information is received, our team analyzes it, identifies testing types, techniques, and environment, necessary for the full product coverage. We also make an estimate of time and cost, considering a chosen model of cooperation.

Test planning

We develop a full test strategy, create test plans and test cases as well as agree everything with you. 

Testing environment setup

This stage includes the installation of software and hardware necessary for the product testing.

Test execution

We start executing test cases in the testing environment and tracking all possible bugs. We use different bug-tracking systems (e.g.: Jira, Bugzilla, Trello, Mantis) so that you can follow the testing process and fix issues straight away.


After the testing is done, we provide you a detailed bug report in the most suitable format.



We provide our customers with all technical documentation for each stage of the testing process.


HireTester as a Part of Your Team

Our QA engineers can become a part of your development crew as a remote dedicated team and participate in the software creation life-cycle. You can relax and forget about the constant quality control, concentrating on the product development process.

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