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Automation Testing is the process of software verification, when the main functions and test steps, such as start, initialization, execution, analysis and report on results, are performed automatically with the help of test automation tools.

It is beneficial for verification of complex products or separate functional blocks of big projects, that are frequently updated, have a wide functionality and, as a result, require continuous manual testing. Automation Testing cannot be used in the active development phase when critical changes are made to a product every time it is reworked.

HireTester offers automation testing of web applications. Depending on the product structure and requirements, we advise what type of testing is appropriate for it and whether automation testing is needed.

Automation Testing Procedure:


Analyze specifications and other project documentation, review the application and decide on test tools and technologies. You can also choose what tools and technologies will be used for testing.

Requirements analysis

Perform manual testing of the application and develop test cases and test scenarios. Our team can work with the ready-made test cases and scenarios supplied by you or create them ourselves.


Discuss test cases and test scenarios with you, receive your approval.

Scripts development

Get to scripts development on the basis of test cases.


Run tests and report on the results.


After the tests completion, you get the source project, all test cases, and automation scripts with instructions. It gives an opportunity to run a set of tests locally and change them according to product improvements.

But to save your time, offers to provide further support of scripts on our side.

Tools and Technologies We Use for Automation Testing

Pyton Java

Programming languages
Java and Python
for scripts development.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver
for interaction with browsers.

JUnit and TestNG

Testing frameworks JUnit and TestNG for Java, PUnit and PyDev for Python to develop, group and run auto-tests.


JBehave and Cucumber for Behaviour-Driven Development, which can be executed on the customer’s request.

Allure Thucydides

Allure and Thucydides frameworks for report generation.

We use such Continuous Integration Tools as Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI.

Continuous Integration

With HireTester, you can also experience all the advantages of Continuous Integration. It means setting up the environment which automatically integrates all parts of a project and runs tests according to the conditions that meet your requirements.

It allows easily adjust the testing process, timely detect and fix bugs or failures. Thereby, you avoid waste of time and money.

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